DANSSON & Marlon Hoffstadt’s ‘Shake That’ has proven to be one of Ibiza’s biggest hits of the year – a claim supported by the fact that Shazam found it to be one of the most searched for tracks during the entire season. Respected DJ Jesse Rose originally signed the track to his label Play It Down ; now picked up by the resurgent FFRR, the label is set to bring the magic of ‘Shake That’ to the UK. ‘Shake That’ utilises deceptively simple elements – an irresistible rolling bassline, stripped-back house form and an imaginative vocal sample from Nate Dogg’s ‘Get Up’ – to create a tune that is infectiously catchy, instantly recognizable, and irresistibly danceable. It’s no wonder why so many people have been desperate to discover exactly who is behind this addictive deep house track.
DANSSON, a Swiss producer who is now located in Berlin, was firmly established as a leading ghost producer for several years before recently focusing on his own material. As a resident of the Play It Down label, DANSSON has had support from Marco Carola, Loco Dice, DJ Sneak, Joris Voorn, and The Martinez Brothers. In addition to ‘Shake That’, DANSSON & Marlon Hoffstadt have also released the track ‘Hot Strings’. Dansson’s recently posted up a Jackmode mixtape :
Still just eighteen-years-old, the Berlin-based producer Marlon Hoffstadt effortlessly blends attributes from house and popular music to create productions which brim with emotion as well as his own distinct sense of character. His debut EP ‘You And A Lovestoned Ghost’ was released by Germany’s Evamore Music. Subsequent releases have featured collaborations with David Keno, HRRSN and Cleov, and have been released by labels including BBE, K7 Records and Off Recordings. Hoffstadt also created a You Need To Hear This mixtape for Noisey.